Your Road Map for 2015. What Are Your Plans for 2015? Get a New Direction for the New Year.

Your Road Map for 2015. What Are Your Plans for 2015?  Get a New Direction for the New Year.


First of all: Happy New year


2015 is  approaching.

It is time to make a quick review about what you have achieved in the last year and what you can do to keep on track with your goals.

It is time to take guidance from the past for direction for the new year.

To keep on track with your goals, you need to do a regular checklist.

With this checklist, you will be able to know where you have succeeded and where you want to do better.

It is your map for your direction, in the coming year.

It is your Road Map.


We all have goals in life.

We need to achieve these goals.

Our goals are usually around 6 main areas:

1-Relationship/Social Circle


3-Personal Development/Emotions




By asking ourselves questions related to these areas, we can find out our direction. We will know where we are behind or how to improve.

 Let us examine these areas, one by one, and see which one you can improve and what direction you can take for them.

1-Relationship/ Social Circle:

We are all social beings. We cannot live alone, even if we do not need anyone else for our material living.

We need people for social interaction.

We also need partners for out physical, emotional and social needs.

If you have a partner, you want to ask yourself if you were happy with him/her. If not, you want to know why? Is there one area you can improve? Was there a common problem of misunderstanding?

If you cannot answer these questions, the next question would be: is it time to stop that relationship? Is it time to look for another partner?

The goal behind any relationship is to be happy and comfortable within that relationship. There is no point in continuous suffering.


There are many ways to make any relationship better, but if you have tried and failed, that could mean it is time to seek another solution. A major decision is needed, here and now.

This is one main area of your life where you want to stop and face it. Many people are stuck in their relationships: they are not happy and not unhappy. They simply don’t know what to do.

It is time now to get this area settled.

Another point about your social life is to decide about your friendships.

You probably have met many persons and acquaintances, some of whom became your friends.

Were you comfortable with those friends?  Did you experience some negative emotions with any friend?  Were those friendships helpful for your lifestyle and happiness, or simply a burden?

Again, you need to decide what friendship was good for you and which one was not. Do you need to stop any friendship with someone?

Or do you find yourself in need of new friends?



We all have goals about our health. Some of us gained more weight during the last year, and others have exercised more or less. If you have accumulated more weight, you want to know the best plan for reducing it. Is it by following a strict diet or more exercise or join a club?

Have you made a complete medical check-up? Do you know your cholesterol or sugar level? These are essential to know.

One thing to remember about exercise is that as much you need to exercise, sometimes you need to exercise less, so as to avoid fatigue and exhaustion. If you are over 50, take notice of your energy level.

Good health is always synonymous with healthy alkaline food. It is time to check your eating habits. Do you need to cut your pizzas and instead eat more steamed vegetables?

It is a good idea to do a complete checklist about your health and eating patterns.


3-Personal Development/Emotions:

This area is about your happiness level. You can be successful in your career and have a lot of money and friends but not happy. If that is your case, you are not alone. It is becoming more common.

During the last year, you may have achieved many of your goals, but somehow those achievements did not reflect in better emotions. Success does not necessarily materialize in higher happiness.

Did you experience bursts of negative emotions like anger, depression or boredom?

Did you find yourself many times complaining about life? Have you experienced traffic jams and felt like frustrated?

Do not allow negative emotions to accumulate inside you. If that happened to you in the last year, you would need to make a decision.

Take a break. Go outside your area and travel. Learn and practice meditation or chi-kong.

Develop positive personality. Learn the tools of positive affirmations or self-hypnosis.

Write a daily diary about your emotions, negative and positive.

Our lifestyles are responsible for depression, worldwide.

You want to change that direction before it is too late. Too late for a smooth recovery.



Did you over spend during the last year? Or were you able to find good investments with  high rate of return?

2015 will have world financial changes. Some predict a form of stock market corrections in China and maybe in the US.

You may want to check your major spending and on what items. Did you spend on expensive meals or brand names clothing?

Are you overusing your credit cards? Are you in debt by the end of the month?

It is time to write your financial goals for the next 10 years. How much you save and then invest, per month and year.


5- Spirituality:

It is important to have an abundance of money and wealth, but equally important to enjoy high spirituality.

If you follow one religion, ask yourself what did you do in the last year to make yourself closer to God?

Did you experience any feelings of gratitude for God?

Have you helped the poor?

We find joy not only in helping ourselves but also in helping others.

Many of the rich and famous find happiness in visiting remote and poor countries, mixing up with the local and helping the poor children.

Happiness is found not only in taking care of your needs but equally in taking care of the needs of the poor.

We enjoy accumulating wealth, and also by giving away part of that wealth.


6- Career:

You want to know the direction of your career in the last year. Were you happy with your co-workers? Did you get along with your manager? How to handle work pressures?

 Can you develop skills related to your work environment?

What about your social skills at work?

Where do you see yourself at work after 10 years? Are you qualified for a high managerial position? Is it time that you begin to prepare yourself for top management?

Do you know time management tools and be able to avoid burnout?

Are you always behind your work schedule?

No doubt, the list of work-related questions are tremendous.


You want to explore a new direction for your life.

You like to fulfill yourself.

It is that sense of significance that we all seek.

You need a direction that is suitable for your abilities and preferences.

It is a good idea to start writing a complete plan for all of your goals, around these 6 areas.

After writing your goals, spend some time at the end of every year, reviewing and checking your direction.

You cannot reach your destination without a map.

Make this review your Road Map.

Once you start, continue with high energy and enthusiasm.

Walk the road with optimism and high expectation.

Good Luck.






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