Why Women Are Unhappy With Men?

Research shows that the majority of women, worldwide, are not happy in  their relationhips with men, whether this relationship is within or outside marriage. This growing phenomenon needs to focus on the causes and then on solutions. Women and men  need each other to the extent that they share their lives together, or at least that is the intention. However, in reality, this need is not materializing as it should. Divorce rate is climbing and even outside marriage, relationships are not long lasting.

Statistics shows that women are becoming unhappy and less friendly to men, and therefore, they seek to end their relationships.

Let us briefly examine some of these causes:

1-Negative experiences: some women consider the relationship as negative, for many reasons, and then start to develop a negative belief about men.

2-Negative assumptions: women in general believe that men are mainly interested in sex rather than in their personality. It is true that some men  behave that way. However, more women have become more protective, and sometimes negative towards men because of this assumption.

3-Higher expectations: Women in general tend to expect the realtionship as more utopian.

4-Men's selfishness: some men act and behave selfishly. However, not most  men act that way.

5-Importance of independence: women are becoming more independent, and they put a lot of  importance on the value of independence.

6-Work importance: More women are becoming more interested in their work rather than on their personal life. Only when they reach their late thirties that they realize that their work has not materialized in higher happiness level.

7-Personality incongruence: most women are becoming more confused about their main goals in life. They are not sure what they exactly want. They are indecisive about the type of relationship  that they seek.

8-Energy imbalance: More women are becoming more masculine in their personality. Because of their work environment, they have become too assertive for their own good. Assertiveness is necessary, but they have become little dominant in their behavior, something that is masculine in nature. A happy relationship between man and woman is based partly on the difference in their energy, which translates to different but compatible personalities. By their nature, the woman likes a macho man, and the man likes a feminine woman. This difference in energy is the key for compatible personalities between the two.

Of course, there are many other causes for women dissatisfaction with men. However, I believe these are the main causes.

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