What is the Most Important Thing in Life That is not Taught Anywhere? What is One Single Thing That Every Person Wants the Most? Why the Content of This Article is not Taught Anywhere in This World?

What Do We Want the Most in Our Life?

If your answer is money…..that is wrong !!

Some people don’t want money, because they have a lot of it.

Some have so much money that they even give away some of it, like Bill Gates & Warren Buffett who donate a lot of their money.

Power? Relationship? Health?


Not everyone is seeking power or a relationship.

Happiness is what every human being wants.

And no one can have enough of it.

That is simple to know…right?

However, no one teaches us about how to be happy!!

Our educational systems, schools and universities teach us many things about this life, but none teaches happiness!!

That is amazing!!

The one thing that all humanity unite around is not taught by any institution!!

If you want to be successful in life what do you do?

Well….you have many options…you can go to a good university….and learn……Top universities worldwide such as Harvard, Oxford, Sorbonne, Stanford…..etc……, will teach you the principles and tools to develop your career. A graduate of one of those universities is almost guaranteed a good job with a decent salary.

Once graduated and then employed by a good company, this graduate will see his/her income rise …year after year…….some even become millionaires or top officials in top organizations worldwide.

They have all doors for success open to them.

Those universities had successfully fulfilled their mission.

But that is not enough. That is not relevant!!

Many successful persons reach their high success rank, but they are not fulfilled!!

They lack something………

They may have succeeded in their pursuit for wealth or high position, but once they reach that high level….they begin to realize something is missing…and that thing is more important than what they have reached!!

They miss happiness!!

They are not happy in spite of their success.

They are not happy in spite of their tremendous success in reaching what they were dreaming of!!

You may dream of having a good wealth…or a good job….or an excellent career…..but is that enough?

What if that dream once you reached it and secured it….is not what you actually want?

What you want in the end….after your long life journey…after you had put your enormous time and effort in….what you want is to be happy in the end.




Money by itself does not lead to happiness. Money is needed of course and it is a very strong human need….but does not lead to happiness. Don’t take my word for it….Bill Gates once said that he reached a level of wealth where more money became unimportant…..he said that once you reach a level of extreme wealth you can not travel better, nor eat better nor live better….If you have $50 billion, does it really make a difference in your life to have $10 billion more?

Do you think Bill Gates, who does not want more money, does not need or want more happiness?

Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th president of the USA. He was poor and so he started his young age by selling newspapers. He climbed the success ladder until he reached its highest point: The President of the USA. Later he said that as a president, he was not sure if he was happier than when he used to sell newspapers!!

Marilyn Monroe was very successful in her career as an actress. However, she was not happy to the point that she committed suicide.

Alain Delon is one of the most successful French actors. He lives now in Switzerland. In an interview few years ago, he said he was not happy. He said “we were taught (programmed) to be successful but not to be happy.”

Oprah Winfrey had an  extremely successful show for many years. She is the most successful woman in America…and maybe in the world…….but she was not happy. More than one time, she cried in front of cameras, during her show. She even said in public that she did not regret stopping her show.

Many of the rich & famous are not happy, and the examples are too many to include here.

What is common among all of those successful people?

At the peak of their career, they talk about happiness.

They want happiness.

They are human after all. They are entitled, like any human person, to be happy.

If you want to be happy, like those successful persons, where do you go to learn happiness?

If you want to be happy, after you became successful, where do you learn it?

The answer is no one will teach you happiness.

Schools & Universities? No way. They may create more misery. Educational systems may create depression among students. They are good for success, but sometimes bad for happiness.

You see there are 2 different roads:

Success Road

Happiness Road

Each road has different results.

Each road does not lead to the other!!

We need both roads, for sure.

However, one road is taught and learned.

The other road, the more important one, is a mystery.


If you want to be happy and there is no school to teach you about it, then what would you do?

Most likely, you “Learn” it on your own way.

You use “ Try & Error” method.

It is a primitive method.

This method can be lengthy and frustrating.

If you become like one of those unhappy rich & famous, who try to “learn” happiness at an advanced age, that would be “too little, too late.”

When you are at your fifties or sixties, do you think you can learn happiness?

What is amazing about these questions is that they have one extremely important message.

We all want happiness, whether we are poor or rich or successful or even presidents, yet we did not create any system that teaches us how to become happy.

We have all types of advisers for many fields such as: economics advisers, stocks, sports, health, beauty, nutrition, investments…etc…, but we do not have the most important adviser.

Have you ever heard of “Happiness Adviser?”

We have all kinds of sciences and educational systems, but not one related to happiness.

“The search for happiness is unlike any other search, for we search last in the likeliest places." Robert Brault.

We consider ourselves very intelligent and technologically superior, yet a child is happier than us!!

“Happiness is… usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults.”  Thomas Szasz


We can become top managers of world organizations, yet when it comes to really be content with our life, and feeling happy inside, we do not even know how to learn it.

Why do we have many broken relationships and very high divorce rates?

If you were happy with your partner, would you consider separation?

Why do we go to wars?

If you were happy within your country, would you consider fighting anyone, for any reason?

Some people think that happiness is restricted to children. You as a mature adult is not supposed to be happy. They argue that the child is happy because he knows nothing about life.  In the 1960’s, an American journalist asked the great President of France, Charles De Gaulle, if he was happy. De Gaulle replied “ What? What do you take me for?”

When a blue–collar worker complains that he/she is not happy, everyone would say this: “Of course you are not happy. You have a bad manager, your income cannot pay your expenses, and you are not social enough to have many friends.”

According to a report by Spectrum Group, the number of millionaires in the USA was 9.63 million households in 2013, which is the highest in the world.

Do you expect the Americans to be the happiest in the world because they are the richest?

According to the United Nations “World Happiness Report” of 2013, the US ranked 17th in the world.

In China, according to “The Millionaires Happiness Report” released by Hurun Research Institute of Shanghai, the richer you are, the less happy you are.

Whether in America or China, which have two different cultures, the principle is the same: You may become richer, but that does not mean you become happier.

According to Forbes report of top billionaires in the world in 2013, Oprah Winfrey’s net worth is at $2.9 billion. She is now 60 years old. She is extremely famous, extremely rich- among the richest women in the world- and extremely successful in her career. However, in one most important area, she is not different from a blue-collar worker. Both are unhappy. Both do not know what to do!!

Imagine you reached this situation: You reached the 60 years-old-mark, and  having made a great fortune. Unlike a blue-collar worker, you do not need to wake up the next day for any job, or for any boss. You are your own boss. You have total financial freedom. You may ask yourself these questions: I have done my homework and excelled at it. I have fulfilled my dreams about ultimate fame, success & wealth, but I am not happy.

What do I need to do?

Why I am not happy?

How can I become happy?

What? Why? How?

Some people would ridicule the idea of teaching happiness in universities.

Some might laugh at the concept of “happiness adviser.”

However, can you afford to be unhappy?

Can you afford that you want to learn it, but you can’t find a “school” for it?

If you somehow find a way that tells you this:

No matter what direction you take, no matter what you will do in your life, and no matter how much wealth and success you will create, you will end up miserable & unhappy.

If you know that as a fact, would you do what you wanted to do in your life?

If you know that your efforts are in the end worthless, would you do them?

Having raised these serious questions, I want to make it very clear:

It is not my intention to create pessimism.

It is not my wish to make people feel doomed.

It is a simple request that we focus on a road that was somehow neglected.

We have created wealth and abundance in our lives, by means of advanced educations and technological discoveries, but unfortunately, we could not match this abundance with a corresponding happiness.

We need to focus on our lifestyles.

We need to get as much happiness as we are entitled to get.


There is more to come….about happiness. 

Keep following.

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