What Do Leaders Need the Most?

We know that leaders need many skills so as to be successful.

However, all leaders need one thing that is essential, and without it they would fail.

Among all characteristics & skills that leaders can not do without….is credibility.

Credibility is the most important factor for real leadership.

A leader without credibility = no followers.

Should a leader loses his credibility, that leadership would be destroyed, maybe forever.

Credibility is about values.

People live by their values.

Credibility is among those high values.

People need leaders so as to follow.

People need guidance. But they would not follow anyone who is leading them for the wrong reasons.

What is in common among: Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, & JF Kennedy?

They all had strong and real credibility.

They all became charismatic leaders.

Their people believed in them, and then followed them.

Those leaders transcended  people.

They were able to motivate and guide people with phenomenal zeal.

Credibility is not taught.

Credibility is born with the person.

People all over the world are becoming more disillusioned with governments because those governments lack credibility.

People, as followers, would follow a credible leader even if that means death to many of them.

People in some countries around the world are revolting against governments, and in the process, they are being killed and massacred by the thousands or millions.

Look at what is happening in what is called “Arab Spring.”

In Eastern Europe, similar events are and have happened.

In the Far East, in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia…etc., same movements by same factor, and……….. same results.

True leadership can not be sustained without credibility.

Governments as leading institutions, more or less, can not rule without credibility.

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