Things That You Should Stay Away from in Order to Change Yourself *


*This is part 7 of the series: The Journey of Change.


The journey of change is not a short journey. You may need to change many things inside you. Your change can be related to many aspects of your life such as your health, personality, relationships, work and family. To change those values/goals will definitely need some time.

To change yourself for anything whether a particular behavior or a habit or your complete life, you need to know the tools for that change. The tools are very important for achieving the change, but you must first allow the tools to work. This means that you have to stop doing the things that prohibit the tools from working. You need to get rid of those obstacles that make the required changes useless. For example, if you want to lose weight, and you start working out so as to lose some calories, you may find out that your weight will not decrease if you continue eating pizzas and chocolates. You will first need to stop eating high-calories food and then you start working out. This is the same for any desired change. If you want a positive change for something, then you need first to stop the relevant negative cause that might prevent that change from happening.

First of all, stop damaging your physical health. Get rid of those bad habits. You don’t want to change your anxiety by smoking. This way, you may lower your anxiety, but in the process you would increase the Nicotine level in your blood.


Another thing that you have stay away from is……..stress. Stress is very bad for your emotions and also your physical health. Stress is connected with high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems.



Before you begin any change, just know yourself: your weak and strong points. Know what your personality is and what are your positive personality assets. Before you begin a new relationship, you would want to know those nice things about yourself, instead of letting someone else tell you about them.



You can change yourself, and yes it will take some time, but you can do few things that will make the journey a better one. Follow old-fashioned wisdom quotes, and notice the journey.


There are more things to avoid, and more obstacles to stay away from, but here are some general rules:



Finally, remember to keep your motivation high. Never give up the journey of change. It may look hard in the beginning, but as you continue the process of change, things will be much easier.



Please continue following the Journey of Change


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