Take Simple Steps for Your Change*

*This is part 8 of the series: The Journey of Change

You can change on your own, meaning you learn the tools and apply them.

However, for long- lasting change you may need friends.

True friends  can assist you in that journey.

Friends can be your emotional support.

Whenever the journey is getting harder and longer, those friends would be behind you.

Yes, you can walk alone, but wouldn’t it be better to walk with true companions?

Be careful about friends.

Find out only those who are true and suitable for you.

Do not go for anyone.

Do not consider a true friend just because he/she had a good smile for you.



Change for the better.

Always try to live a positive life.

You want to change so as to live better.

You can live better by following simple rules.

You do not need millions of dollars so as to reach that moment of happiness.

You do not need to be a CEO of  a top organization in order for you to say “Now I Have Changed.”

Simple steps can make a huge difference.

Learn to be generous inside you. Live your life as if you have made it.

And do that every day.



For any change to be effective and to your benefit, it has to be in line with the universal laws of life.

The change has to be congruent with those laws.

Otherwise, it would create incongruency and imbalances in your life.

Apply the 5 W’s in your life.


One day you will walk that journey feeling differently.

Let that journey has its shadows on you, the positive shadows.


Please follow the series.



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