Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part1

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 1

Many people develop negative thinking and end up having a lot of negativity in their lives. Life has two sides: negative & positive.If you only look at the negative side, you end up having negative thinking. Once you develop negative thinking and continue seeing things from that negative angle, you will have negative energy. Negative energy in you will develop until it affects your behaviors and attitudes. Having long negative energy will make your attitudes negative towards almost anything. These negative attitudes will negatively influence your personality and you end up being negative. In this situation, you begin to complain about  your job, your relationships, your environment and your life in general. You tend to be unsatisfied about almost anything. Your level of satisfaction and happiness will be minimum. To reverse this mental/emotional trend, you need to have positive thinking. You need to program your thinking to see things positively. You need to use positive affirmations on a daily basis, in order to help yourself in that direction. Your positivity in your thinking will develop to include positive attitudes & behaviors that will ultimately develop your personality to be positive. Once you begin to see the positive side of life, once you can see things positively, once you condition your thinking towards positivity, only then you can begin to be satisfied about your life. Positive thinking plays a major role in almost anything you see or do. We tend to see things from our own personal angle. We look at things subjectively not objectively. And if we can make that angle positive, we can begin to change. Negative thinking people see the problem  rather than the solution.They see the bad side of the situation.If they have an experience which may have two sides, they only recall the dark side of that experience. For example: if they travel to a nice place and have fun for 10 days, but during the last day, they had a mild nuisance or a disturbance, they would only remember that last day, and would label that travel experience as bad. If they go to a nice restaurant and enjoyed the atmosphere, but the waitress was little late for bringing the check, they wouldn't consider coming back to this restaurant. They were programmed to feel and see only the dark side of events.


A-Causes of Negativity:

Question: Why do people develop this kind of negative thinking?

Negativity is related to many causes and factors.

1-Parents: One cause is that when they were children, they saw their parents act and behave negatively. They take this behavior from their parents at a very early age, between 1-7 years old. If they grow a little, they may associate with negative environment such as negative friends or siblings.

2-Negative Experience: Another cause lies in repeated negative experiences about something or someone. When a young lady dates many men and it turns out that she dated the wrong persons for her, men who have different personality from her, then it would be easy for her to see men only negatively. If a student  encountered some  negative teachers, teachers who are under paid or treated unfairly by their schools, this student may also develop a bad attitude towards learning. If a young child was treated badly by his parents, he may grow to see life negatively.

3-The Environment: outside conditions may also play a major factor. A country that recently was defeated in war, may develop negativity on a large scale. The effects of defeat are felt by all population. Defeat by itself will create negative energy among all residents.

4- Living Conditions: If you are raised in a very poor country and it seems there is no evident hope of changing conditions, you will likely develop a negative look towards life.

For these reasons, it is no wonder that many people, worldwide are suffering from bad negative thoughts and bad attitudes. When there is no sense of hope for the future, people begin to have a dark image of life. They begin to reason negatively, seeing the bad causes and developing a sense of doom. When this trend continues for a while, it is only a matter of time that  people will resort to negative solutions. Negative teenagers will resort to drugs and sex as a way of salvation. Countries may engage in wars as a way out. Very few persons realize that the solution lies inside themselves rather than outside.

B-How to Become Positive?

If you had developed negative personality for some time, you can get rid of it and become positive, but this takes time.There is no pill that you can swallow, and in a few minutes you would see things differently. There are tools and mental programming that are helpful, but you need to exercise them regularly for some time.

1-Program Your Thinking:  This is the first basic step. You need to start seeing things from a different angle. You will need to change your viewing lens. This means start looking at every situation more objectively. Whenever you face a negative event, stop and ask yourself: is there any positive side of this event? Remember that the positive side can be in the long run. Sometimes bad situations are very good for building the character. Some negative results may teach you a personality skill that was missing in you. We all want success, but we learn from failure rather than from success. A lost opportunity can give you a useful alternative. If you repeatedly get negative results from one behavior, remember that this could be a sign that you need to change that behavior. Likewise for goals: are you sure that this specific goal is the right goal for you? Are you certain that this person is the right person for you? We learn from our mistakes the hard way, and this hard way will bring out many questions that ultimately lead to a different approach, a different map altogether. By finding the suitable map we may get the desired goal. Bad events can be a good wake-up call. Once you change your thinking towards the positive side of you, you will start on the right track. Positive thinking will activate the Law of Attraction. Once you think of something only positively, you are very likely attracting it into your life. In the same way, if you expect the positive result out of something, you are initiating the Law of Expectation. Many studies and research show that whatever you expect positively, you would get that thing ultimately. It is this mental exercise of  beginning to see things positively that will change your life. Nevermind that you had some bad events or some negative circumstances. We all experience these negative events in our lives. But it is important that we remain positive in our viewing angle. We have the ability to see the bright side of  anything. Your thoughts  are the key. Control your thoughts and steer them towards positivity.


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