Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 2

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 2


2-Positive Affirmations:

These are helpful statements for your positivity. These are your positive dialogue with yourself. It is interesting and also paradoxical to realize that we communicate with others better than our communication with ourselves. When we talk to people and others, we are careful to choose the right words and we tend to speak to them in a polite manner. Surprisingly, we tend to talk to ourselves in a negative way, especially when we criticize ourselves. We sometimes talk to ourselves in a bad manner, cursing or swearing at ourselves. If you watch tennis games, how many times have you seen the top players shout and curse themselves in public for committing a bad mistake? If you go through an embarrassing situation, did you say bad words to yourself? Negative self dialogue is common for all people. If you continue to talk to yourself in this negative manner, you  end up being negative about yourself and then will develop negative thinking and this cycle will grow to overwhelm you at some point of time. To combat this behavior, you can use positive affirmations. Always say to yourself positive and nice words. Talk to yourself kindly and gently. Treat yourself like a small child. This may sound awkward, but it is true. Always, say these words: "I accept myself, I completely accept myself, I totally accept myself." Repeat these phrases every day. When you wake up in the morning, when you drive your car, when you are having a break or whenever you can, repeat them several times every day. Repeating them will create an emotional habit of  accepting yourself. After you exercise  this verbal program, now it is time to take it one step further. Say to yourself: I like myself, I totally like myself, I completely like myself ". Again repeat them for few days. Another advanced affirmations are to say this: "In spite of my mistakes, I completely accept myself, in spite of that bad situation, I totally like myself. In spite of that negative event, I accept myself without conditions. I totally & completely accept myself under all conditions."

Repeat these affirmations for few days and then notice the difference. You can say these phrases in front of a mirror. When you say them, it is better to say them with conviction and strong desire. Better that you say them loudly. Say them with intensity and total congruity.

A better way is to listen to a hypnosis download which repeats these  phrases with different voice tonality. This will program your unconscious mind inside you for accepting yourself without resistance of the conscious mind. Also listening to these affirmations under trance will strengthen the effects of these affirmations.

3-Support Group:

This is a good resource for self acceptance and getting support from others. Find a group that has mutual interests. One good idea is to subscribe to a special forum. For example, if you are interested in travel, join a discussion board about travel and share your thoughts  with others. By sharing your thoughts with others , you are likely to feel more accepted by them and this will reflect on you, and you will in turn feel more accepted by yourself. Sharing your views with others enable you to be more positive towards life. This could be the start of your positive thinking. This is very true also when setting up a goal and then sharing it with others. When you write your goal and get feedback from others, you are less likely to be pessimistic  towards that goal, which means the feedback will increase your positive look and expectation towards that goal. Positive expectation will lead to positive thinking.

4-Read, Watch & Listen to Positive Stuff:

It is no secret that the world has a lot of negativity. If you watch the news most of the time, it is very likely that every day there is a bad situation somewhere in the world. It could be an earthquake in Japan , or a nasty crime in the US, or a war in the Middle East, or famine in Africa, or global warming over the North Pole, or financial crisis in Europe….etc. These news are negative, and if you watch them regularly, you may absorb this negativity in you and maybe become disillusioned in life. Negative news are about the dark side of life. No wonder that many people are getting more negative every day, because of these unpleasant news. Children are in particular, more vulnerable to these negative feedback. Many studies show that children worldwide are suffering from bad media. To become positive in your nature, you need to focus on positive things. Watch positive movies rather than only crime drama series. Read travel magazines & web sites. Listen to calming music or sounds of nature. Read about health and nutrition. Stay away from politics news for a while and watch nature or animals programs. Let your input be as positive as it can be. Feed yourself with positive stimuli all the time. It is a continuous effort.

5-Engage in Positive Activities:

Join a sports club and exercise. Physical exercise is positive not only to your body but also to your brain and emotions. Adopt a hobby: learn fishing or chess. Hobbies are good for stimulating your emotional energy. Connect with nature. Travel to new countries and mix up with the locals. Do the things that make you feel optimistic. Positive activities will gradually program you to be positive in personality. These activities need repetition in order to stay in you for a long time. Repeated behaviors will create habits. Once you acquire a habit, it would be very hard to lose it.

6-Mix up with Positive People:

Positive persons can give you the direction for positivity. It is a known fact that you become according to whom you associate with. Having a long time friend means that you acquire some of his/her characteristics. When you associate with a group of positive persons for a long period of time, you will develop this positivity in you. We know that ideas and energy move from one person to another. The aura of one person can affect you, negatively or positively, if you are close to that person. Energy of that person can communicate with you at the unconscious level. If that person has  positive energy, it is likely that this energy will come to you. It is like brain entrainment which I explained in detail in the article Brain Waves and Their Effects on You. We are vulnerable at the energy level to outside energies. One big source of outside energy is the people that we mix up with and interact with. This is why it is very important that we interact with positive persons.

Although negativity is growing on a wide scale, we can overcome it and become positive. We have the ability and the tools to be positive in our thinking, behaviors, attitudes and energy.


Let us start as of  today to look at things positively.

Let us begin to see the other side of life, the positive side, the bright side.

Let us help each other to become more positive in our journey, our life journey.

Good luck! smiley

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