Motivate Yourself for The Change*


*This is part 6 of the series: The Journey of Change

To change any behavior needs time and efforts. The process of change is continuous and sometimes we need enough motivation to keep it going. The journey of change needs its fuel to last, and its fuel is constant motivation. We all face setbacks and obstacles. When we encounter any setback, most of us would react with negative emotions. It is as if these obstacles dishearten us in a way that makes us lose our belief in ourselves. We tend even to stop our journey of change. We need something to lift our spirits. We want a stimulus that enables us to return to this journey. This is the role of motivation. This is the crucial benefit of getting a good motivation. Motivation is essential for any goal, for any journey.

Dreams create strong motivation as long as we hold on to them. Dreams originate from our imagination. We need to dream day and night. Steven Spielberg, the famous movie director, said this "I don't dream at night, I dream all day. I dream for a living."

Vision and dreams together create a stronger motivation. They will give you more focus and stronger direction. As Napoleon Hill puts it  "Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."

You need to inspire yourself for your goals and the tasks that need to be completed. Begin every day with an inspiring quote or with a lovely image. Start your work with a motivating energy. Do this every day. Repeat it until it becomes solid inside your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind can be programmed by repetition. Once you repeat your daily dose of motivation, it would become part of your personality. 


The idea of changing yourself is that you, and no one else, take the responsibility for change. Only you can make that shift.



You know that life has its ups and downs. That is its nature. However, when facing a bad day, just realize that you can overcome it with inner strength and resilience. It Is your reaction that determines your happiness. Face those challenges with smiles. Find the reasons for smiling.



Challenges and obstacles are good opportunities to change yourself. Look at every day with high optimism. Every day is a new chapter of your life. Take any new chance as a way for permanent change.



To keep your motivation high, you need to have long-term goals. Focus on these goals and remember them always. Whenever you encounter any set back or fail in anything, just remind yourself of those goals. The vision and clarity of those goals will steer you away from focusing on failure. They will provide you with more energy and higher enthusiasm that will result in stronger motivation.

As Charles C. Noble had said "You must have long term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short term failures."


No matter how much you can change or how different you become, always remember that you have a lot of nice things inside you. You may not notice them or not feel them during bad times, but they are existent. Focus on the good things that you have. Have a deep sense of gratitude for God. We live in an age of abundance that was never seen before in any human age. We enjoy the tremendous benefits of high technology. We eat different types of food in any one meal, foods from different parts of the world. We cherish the comfort of air conditioning and central heating during hot or cold weather. We travel in luxurious airplanes. Our cars are equipped with best stereo devices that turn them into mobile small studios. And our homes are full of those luxuries. Sometimes all we need is just stop and contemplate on those boons.

We may need to thank back.




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