Images of the Week


Hi everybody !!

Every week, I will show you some images. Some of these images will be tweeted in My Twitter @coolauramalek.

Images of different meanings and connotations.

Some images are surreal, some are creative, and some are funny.

The intention is to get you both motivated and amused.

Have Fun.

Relationship Tip: Make sure you get the right answer from your partner.


Faith & Fears.




What is Love?



Your Ability: Don’t wear something bigger than you.



Reflection: Even the lion needs reflection.




Obstacles & Destination: Don’t let obstacles derail you from reaching your destination.




Old Age: When you are old, make sure your kids are with you.




Destination Road: Your destination may not be a straight line.



Nature: Once in a while, connect with nature.



Brain Storming: When you have a problem, get a group of at least three persons so as to find solutions.




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