How to Address Special Emotional Issues? Coaching Tips For Coaches & Therapists


Coaching has different tools and approaches. By nature, they are very personal, in the sense that not every tool works on every person. Different personalities need different tools. Here are some basic but general tips, that are useful for professional coaches, therapists and hypnotherapists.

1-Find out if the person is having a sameness or difference personality. This helps you to use the right suggestions for them. In many cases, not knowing the type of personality would make your consultation/therapy somewhat  ineffective or at least longer than needed.

2-SEE: The root of his/her problem: dealing with the surface is not as effective as finding and eliminating the root cause. Before remembering an SEE, give them a protection anchor.

3-Find out if the problem is about one of their basic 6 human needs: Tonny Robbins developed this concept. They are: Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety,
 Love/Connection, Growth, & 
Contribution. Knowing what part is directly linked to one of those needs, will enable you as a therapist to go directly to that point and deal with it before other issues.

4-Motivational Approach: Find out if the person is towards or away from. This will enable you to know what tools to use.

5-Necessity or Potential: Find out the main filter of the person about their goals. If it is a necessity, you can give more suggestions about probability and potential.

6-Time Line: Important to know if the person is in-time or through-time. This makes your suggestions easier for the person to apply and follow, especially for personal history tools and eliminating bad negative experiences.

7-Main Values: Connecting a resource with one of the main values of the person can be very effective, especially for kinesthetic personality.

8-Enabling Beliefs: Eliminating limiting beliefs must be combined with suggestions for enabling beliefs. Eliminate each limiting belief, and replace it with a new enabling belief.

9-The Potential and Setting Higher Standards: Performance is linked to standards: low or high. Once the person has started to move towards his/her goal, you need to give them directions about higher standards, otherwise sooner or later, that person will reach a higher level but will stop at that level. Effective coaching is about reaching the next level and then continue towards the potential. Sports coaching is very relevant about higher standards.

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