Happy Change – Happiness Tips- How to Change to Get Happiness*


*This is part 9 of the series: The Journey of Change

 This is the last part.

Some people want to change to get success while others want it for happiness. Of course, it would be best to change for both.

However, success and happiness have different ways and tools.

In this article, I would like to focus on some ways for happiness.

There are many theories and concepts for happiness, and some of them are different in their approach.

This is normal because they are for different persons of different personalities.

What might stimulate happiness in you might be different for another person.

To talk about happiness in the most general way so as to make it understood for the general public, it is best to view it as being content with what you have.

Of course, it is essential to have dreams and particularly big dreams, but that does not contradict with the concept of self-satisfaction.

If you are the type of person who had set up very high happiness criteria, then the odds and probabilities are against you.

If you consider yourself happy only if you make $10 million, then if you don’t achieve that number, you would be in sheer misery.

Happiness is about feeling content and satisfied about what you have now.

If you are happy now, that does not stop you from following your ambition of getting the $10 million.

Actually, research strongly shows that success does not lead to happiness, but happiness itself can and usually lead to success.

Learn as of today to be content.


To change yourself in order to be happier, you have to change some of your behaviors.

Behavioral change is not as easy as it might appear, but again, with repetition and some efforts, it is possible and attainable.

Start with simple things that you used to do and then change them one by one.

Start slowly, but steadily.

Here are few simple steps.




Another mystery about happiness is that we sometimes have it, but in these times, we are not aware of having it.

Yes, many people are happier than what they think, but because of that limiting belief, they don’t feel as happy as they should.

Sometimes happiness needs conscious awareness.

It can be around you, but somehow you did not turn on the lights to see it.

That is the conscious awareness.




In our life, the life of ups and downs, the nature of the business cycles, the nature of our moving energy, and because of many variables happening on a daily basis, we can not maintain the same level of happiness.

That is impossible.

Maybe you feel good every day, and that by itself is enough happiness for that day.

Never ask too much of happiness.

Whatever amount of happiness you get in any given day should be enough.

Remember: some persons are so much miserable that even a small dose of happiness can be a big difference.

Just be happy, without analyzing it.

Be happy without thinking about it.

After all, it is a feeling.

According to the famous lecturer and writer in the field of self-improvement Dale Carnegie:

 "Remember happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think."




I don’t know these penguins of the next image, but I know that they are happy.

Happiness is reflected on their faces.

Can you learn from this image and maybe reflect happiness on your face?

They seem to be happy for no obvious reasons. At least not obvious to us, the humans, but hey…..who cares?

If you can be happy, do you or anybody else need to know?

Let us be like these penguins now.

Let us be happy.

It may sound too easy, or maybe even childish, but again, ………who cares?

If we are happy………….that is enough.



This is the end of the series: The Journey of Change.

Whether you like it or not, I would like to know.

Please comment.

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