Do You Need Love? Do You Accept or Resist Love? The Amazing Behavior of Love

In the 1960's, the Beatles created a musical revolution, to the extent that once they released a song, it would be number one for many weeks. One of their gems, an all time success was "All We Need is Love".

Do we really need love?

This article is not about if you should or should not experience love. I leave that thought to you.

It is about the behavior of love.

Some men –particularly macho men- resist the idea of love, simply  because they think they don't want to be " a slave" to love. Some women resist it because they believe if they fall in love, they would be weak or may get hurt if it did not work. In either case, let us remember that love is one of the strongest feelings in human lives. It is a "Natural" instinct to love. This instinct is common for humans and also for animals. We all know that for example, dogs love their owners, unconditionally and without limits. Unconditionally means under all circumstances. Unlimited means dogs may risk their lives, and in many cases, die out of their love to their owners. And this is not restricted to dogs or tame animals. Even wild and fierce animals have the same behavior. The lion which is one the most fierce animals, who is known to be so ruthless that sometimes it kills its own children, also has this unconditional and unlimited love. True stories about the lion, particularly inside the circus, prove this fact. In some cases, the lion who killed-undeliberately- his coach in the circus, once he realizes that his strike to his beloved coach was so powerful that it killed him, the lion commits suicide. How? The lion refuses to eat for the next 30 days until he dies out of starvation.

Is that unlimited love? Yes.

Love is so strong that once a couple fall in love, they would do anything just to stay together. What is amazing though, that the same couple, years later, would do anything just to separate and stay apart, even if that means seeing expensive lawyers and going to courts. Strange behavior…haha…..smiley.


Love is like anything in life: it has two different faces, like a two-edged sword. It can very strong and positive, but it also can change its behavior, taking a 180 degree turn, and become the opposite, something called: hate or revenge. Common Example: one partner falls in love with the other, but later feels or thinks that the other partner is not loving him/her back, or even worse, that other partner is responding negatively, whatever that means. In this situation, the loving partner develops the other face of love: More hate that grows to become sheer revenge. How many times have we seen this behavior?

This means that love as a feeling is so strong that it can become an incentive for building or, if it changes, it can be an incentive for destruction. Since we know this fact, why then we do not control it?

Love originates from the heart and because it is so powerful, it can block our thinking. Have you heard the term: Love is blind? The heart is blind because we see with our brain (not with our eyes). Sometimes, we behave out of our heart, and this includes love. Whenever the heart behavior is so powerful, it can stop the mental thinking. Sometimes the two, heart & brain do not get along with each other, and thus only one becomes dominant, as is the case of love.

Love is not only for humans. You can love inhumans. Love can be for many things such as money, health, nature, music,…etc. I know some men who love money more than their wives. Some women love chocolate more than their husbands….no kidding….haha…cheeky

Why love is so powerful? Maybe because love originates from God. Some persons feel their love to God is so strong that they spend all their lives just worshipping Him. This sublime feeling must have been created by God, and no matter what people think of love, it remains a very powerful feeling. No matter what your brain tells you, once your heart starts feeling love, that feeling will dominate you, and maybe there is nothing you can do about it.

Remember, whenever you love someone, don't take it very seriously, because maybe one day that love will turn against you.

Whenever you have love…….have fun…

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