Do You Find Yourself Working in The Wrong Job? Do You Feel Stuck in Your Work?


Many people work just to make ends meet.

They get any job for the sake of surviving.

They want to work so as to make a living.

Expenses have to be paid and they accept any job even if it is not the right one.

In this case, they feel they are directionless.

They are tied in the wrong industry or job.

This path is ok for a short time, but in the long run, those persons will suffer.

Whenever you work in an environment that does not suit or match your abilities, sooner or later you will get stuck.

You will feel lacking ambition.

Your performance will deteriorate no matter what efforts you take.

Even if you work hard, and even if you are rewarded for your efforts, you will at one point of time stop.

You will lack motivation and the desire to continue in that job.

To succeed in the long run, you need your work to be congruent with your passion.

You must like what you do.

Your abilities and desires have to match that kind of work.

If you are an artist who loves to draw paintings, but somehow you find yourself working in a call center just because you need the job so as to pay your rent, that job will not be suitable for you.

If you are an IT expert but working as a waiter, this job will never fulfill your interests nor will it meet your skills.

You can not excel in the wrong job.

What to do?

1-Take a Decision: first decide to quit this job. Promise yourself to look for another job that is appropriate with your passion and skills.

2-Give Yourself Time: Time to search for another job. Do not quit immediately because you do not want to stay unemployed.

3-Write Your Goal: Write the goal of your desired job. Write it as SMART.

This means you become very specific about the criteria of your goal.

To know how to write any goal, download the Goals Planner which is free.

Important to write sub-goals for each goal. That means writing  sub-goal of your desired job.

4-Write the Criteria of Your Job:

First write your main values in life.

Then decide what kind of job that meets these values.

You want a job that you feel comfortable with.

5-Motivate Yourself for The New Job:

Once you know what job you want, get all the tools for your motivation.

If you need motivation, see this free article.

You will be fulfilled only when you align your passion with your values.

Wrong job will result in an incongruence in your life.

You will be doing something that feels like being forced to do.

Your life is more important than taking any job.

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