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Why Your Life Sucks?

If you think your life sucks, you are not alone. Worldwide, people from different countries, are experiencing low level of life satisfaction to the degree that they feel their life sucks. You may think this is related mainly to your financial status, but this is not true. If you feel your life sucks because of […]

How to Become More Positive in Your Life?

Many persons have a lot of negativity in their lives. They think and behave negatively. They only see the dark side of life. Their viewing angle is mostly negative. In this case, the personality becomes negative, which will result in a negative energy. Research shows that high negativity means lower happiness level. Negative persons tend […]

Why Beautiful Women Are Unhappy?

Causes of unhappiness are numerous, and some women are happy, but the focus of this article is on why beautiful women –in particular- are usually not happy. It is a fact that most pretty women- worldwide- are unhappy, and this is because of many reasons. The reasons are: 1-High Expectations: being pretty, the woman expects […]

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 2

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 2   2-Positive Affirmations: These are helpful statements for your positivity. These are your positive dialogue with yourself. It is interesting and also paradoxical to realize that we communicate with others better than our communication with ourselves. When we talk to people and others, we are careful to choose the […]

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part1

Positive Thinking & Affirmations – Part 1 Many people develop negative thinking and end up having a lot of negativity in their lives. Life has two sides: negative & positive.If you only look at the negative side, you end up having negative thinking. Once you develop negative thinking and continue seeing things from that negative angle, […]

Tips for Personal Development. Develop Yourself With Easy-To-Follow-Tools*

* This is a summarized content. If you need more details, please see this link, in Text: If you need more detail but in Audio, please see this link:     Personal development is getting more popular. We all need to develop our personality. We all seek to keep up with […]

How to Address Special Emotional Issues? Coaching Tips For Coaches & Therapists

  Coaching has different tools and approaches. By nature, they are very personal, in the sense that not every tool works on every person. Different personalities need different tools. Here are some basic but general tips, that are useful for professional coaches, therapists and hypnotherapists. 1-Find out if the person is having a sameness or […]

Be Kind To Yourself

Life can be sometimes tough and hard. We all encounter hard times and obstacles. We all do mistakes. After all, we are human. We were never born to be perfect. Mistakes are part of our nature. Many people tend to take it on themselves. When the ride gets rough, and when things become unachievable, those […]