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Images of The Week-4

  Trees always lean towards the sun.   Which is first: Chicken or egg?     Sentimental Imagination       Hold on to your Hope     Flowers for energy relaxation       Laugh once in a while.     Cute  Animals       Spirituality of Nature       Enhance eating […]

Images of The Week-3

    Childhood: Your childhood plays a major role in shaping your personality. See this for more details:     Sunset       Map: When you sail, make sure you have the right map. Otherwise you would be lost.     Challenge: Don’t challenge what you can’t overcome.     Self-Reward: Reward […]

Images of the Week-2

      History: Sail into the past and ……discover history.       Loneliness: When you surround yourself with flowers, you don’t feel lonely.     Road of Happiness: Walk among colorful trees, and enjoy the road.     Comfort Zone: Who said the comfort zone is bad for you?     Chance: Whenever […]

Images of the Week

  Hi everybody !! Every week, I will show you some images. Some of these images will be tweeted in My Twitter @coolauramalek. Images of different meanings and connotations. Some images are surreal, some are creative, and some are funny. The intention is to get you both motivated and amused. Have Fun. Relationship Tip: Make […]

Images and Inspiration

    Health: Even a bird loves drinking a fresh, healthy juice.     Relationship: Ebony & Ivory, live side by side.     Hope: I am a chick, and my life is surrounded by flowers. And so can you.     Family: Unlike some humans, penguins know how to raise a happy family.   […]

Your Daily Inspiration- Part 1

Your Daily Inspiration- Part 1   Most people start their day with a cup of tea or coffee. How about start with some quotes and images for your inspiration? Get that “food” for your emotions. Nurture your thoughts with positive ideas & energy. Get a box full of those lovely thoughts.   Open this box, […]