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Motivation and relationship

Relationship Insights. Why Most Relationships Fail? Why Cant Most Persons succeed in Their Relationships? Why Many Persons Are Destined to Fail in Their Relationships? 1

  Causes of relationship failure are numerous. After giving consultations and therapy to many persons, I noticed that broken relationships can be traced to the following factors and causes. I also did some research about relationships, and found out that statistics also support these causes. Let us explore these observations, one by one. 1-Lacking Love: […]

Why Women Are Unhappy With Men?

Research shows that the majority of women, worldwide, are not happy in  their relationhips with men, whether this relationship is within or outside marriage. This growing phenomenon needs to focus on the causes and then on solutions. Women and men  need each other to the extent that they share their lives together, or at least […]

Why Most Relationships Don’t Work?

Most people are interested in some sort of relationship. However, the majority of them don't work. Why? Broken relationships is a cause for major stress and in some cases a cause for major financial loss. There are many reasons for this global trend, which seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. These are my reasons: 1-Different […]