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Global Wealth Shift

It seems money is shifting from the West to the Far East. The highest economic powerhouse is the USA, with a GDP of $17.5 trillion. China is next with $10 trillion GDP. Japan is the third with $4.5 trillion. Many economists estimate that by 2020, China will be the first in GDP size. China’s trade […]

Do You Know How to Handle Work Problems? What Approach Do You Take? Do You Adopt a Blaming or Responsible Approach?

Many people encounter problems and challenges at work. It could be with a co-worker or manager or a subordinate. It is inevitable that these conflicts happen. Working with people of different personalities is not easy and can create controversies. Workplace stress is common and according to many statistics, it is growing worldwide. Organizational environment can […]

Entrepreneurs and Business Failure – Part 3

According to GEM survey of 2012, which included 198,000 participants among 69 countries, the highest numbers of entrepreneurs worldwide are for age group between 25-34 years olds. These young entrepreneurs enjoy good education level and have positive expectations for their future. They their homework well, and become ready for their new venture. They discuss their ideas […]

Entrepreneurs and Business Failure – Part 2

  Entrepreneurs with know-how seem destined to succeed in business. At least that is what most of them think. However, evidence and statistics show that they fail at high numbers, almost at 50%. The causes of business failure can be classified into 2 factors: internal & external. Internal factors means causes that are within the […]

Entrepreneurs and Business Failure – Part 1

Many persons think of starting their own business as a good way for wealth. And many have the ability and potential to begin a profitable business on their own. This is called entrepreneurship. The idea of starting your own business looks very nice: You are the boss, you manage the business as you like and […]