Are You Suicidal? Broken? Depressed? Lonely? There is a solution for you. A Step-By-Step Guide.

There are a lot of sad people in this world. Some are so miserable that they reach the point of thinking of suicide.

Some are lonely and feel left out by society.

Some persons, especially after bad relationships, feel hurt and broken inside.

It is no wonder that depression rate is on the rise worldwide.

Depression figures are alarming in some countries, and among teenagers.

If you happen to belong to this group, do not lose hope.

There is a solution.

There is always light inside the dark tunnel.

You may think this is easy to say.

You may assume that it is only some coaching talk that counselors say so as to get paid.

Before you jump to any conclusion, I want you to be patient and follow this argument.

I know that you are the judge.

I realize that you have the right to disbelieve or believe in the following facts.

People have common trends.

One of those trends is that when a person is under stress, he/she is likely to see the world from that negative & stressful angle.

That person who has gone through some negative experience tends to resist help or advice.

Some depressed persons will become so hostile to people and life in general to the point of losing any interest in the outside world. That behavior if it continues without correction will lead to suicidal thoughts.

Suicidal thoughts accompany wrong assumptions about the world.

Those persons reach the point where they see no salvation.

Their internal suffering becomes so intense.

For all those people, I want here to show you, step by step, that you have a way out.

You can overcome that terrible suffering.

You can turn around your life, and I want to prove it to you, by empirical evidence.

How to Change Your Miserable Life?

Tips & Steps for Your Salvation:

1-The first step is to delete the word SUICIDE from your dictionary. Get rid of this word from your vocabulary….for good.

Clear your mind from that damaging thought. That is the pre requisite for any change.

Once you remove it, then you can start on other steps. You need first to shift your focus. Yes, it may not be easy, but you will replace it with other words/focus.

2- Positive Thinking with Affirmations: After removing that word, you start using positive words in your daily life. Use tools of positive thinking. Use positive affirmations as daily exercise.

You need to shift the trend of your thinking, and positive affirmations are one effective tool.

I have written about positive thinking and how to exercise it.

These links can help you:


3-Remove Wrong Assumptions: Because you are under deep stress, you are likely to have some wrong assumptions about the world. One common assumption is that nobody cares. That is not completely true.

Some people don’t care, but some do care.

Some people care about others to the extent that they donate money.

In America, there is a recent phenomenon. Billionaires are doing the opposite to what they were doing few years ago. Billionaires used to spend many years to accumulate their wealth. Now they are spending many years donating part of their wealth. They have just started to realize that true happiness is in helping other people. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are creating huge foundations worth many billions of dollars, just for charity.

This means some people love to help other people, financially.

There are other people who love to help others emotionally, by giving them emotional support. Support groups are common, and for all kinds of problems. Those people believe that by helping others, they will be happier.

This means you are not left out.

You can get help.

Go online and ask for help, and you will be amazed how many will respond.

4-Develop Your Core: The core of personality is your inner strength. Once you develop it, you will become more resilient and stronger in the face of challenges and obstacles. You will become less vulnerable to those bad experiences that you had before.

I have some tools for you, in these links:


5-Lift Your Self Esteem: Once your inner personality becomes more solid, you need to feel good about yourself. You will love life and enjoy it more once you love yourself. Higher self esteem will give you higher confidence. The more you like yourself, the more proud you will become.

It is important to have that sense of pride. Pride enables you to feel accepted by others.

You will slowly shift from an introvert to an extrovert.

This will make it possible for you to acquire new friends and relationships.

6-Get the Tools for Long-Lasting Change:

Once you have changed from the inside, you need to make sure that this change will continue and last forever.

Learn new hobbies.

Connect with nature.

Join a club and exercise.

Do whatever makes you feel good.

This link tells you about change. It is one part of 9-part-series.


7-Write a Goal or a Group of Goals: To have a real purpose for your life, you must find a goal that you really want.

Goals are the driving force for motivation.

Goals give you genuine meaning of life.

A good goal will make you want to wake up every morning just to pursue that goal. It will definitely give you real passion for life.

A depressed person is in strong need of life passion. That passion will lead him/her away from that negative state of depression and guide them for happiness.

You can get a step-by-step software for writing your goals, in Get the Goals Planner. It is free.

Or if you want to write many goals with detailed explanations, you can get Goals Planner Pro, at this link

8-Other Alternatives: No matter what you have gone through your life, remember that there are a lot of alternatives for you.

If you were hurt by someone, one day you may find a better person. That person who had hurt you can be a good learning experience for you for the real suitable person.

You may find some salvation in connecting with nature or animals.

If you were treated badly by someone or by society, that could be your motivation to excel in some sports, like what happened to Tiger Woods, or others.

If you were neglected by a parent, that could be your motivation for creating a solid family, like what happened to Barak Obama, who insists to have dinner every night with his family in spite of all of his busy engagements.

If you were abused in childhood, that could be the reason for your success, like what happened to Oprah Winfrey.

There are many celebrities who became very successful in life after they had encountered terrible experiences.

You too. Those celebrities are human, like you.

You need a conscious decision.

You need the awareness that your life can turn around, as any of those celebrities.

Remember, once you make that decision to change, the decision to turn around, you will find many people who will help you.

You are not alone in this life.

You are important in this life.

You are important, if not to people, at least to God.

He Who created you gave you the resources and tools to make your journey in life a better one.

Take those resources and start today.

Good Luck.



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