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Antidepressants And You. Can You Quit Taking Antidepressants?

Depression is increasing rapidly, worldwide. No wonder that consumption and sales of antidepressants are escalating much higher. According to a study by the OCED for 23 developed countries, the top 3 countries in antidepressant consumption for 2010 are: Iceland (106 doses daily per 1,000 people), Australia (89 doses per 1,000 people) & Canada with 86 […]

Global Wealth Shift

It seems money is shifting from the West to the Far East. The highest economic powerhouse is the USA, with a GDP of $17.5 trillion. China is next with $10 trillion GDP. Japan is the third with $4.5 trillion. Many economists estimate that by 2020, China will be the first in GDP size. China’s trade […]