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Images of the Week-2

      History: Sail into the past and ……discover history.       Loneliness: When you surround yourself with flowers, you don’t feel lonely.     Road of Happiness: Walk among colorful trees, and enjoy the road.     Comfort Zone: Who said the comfort zone is bad for you?     Chance: Whenever […]

Depression: Facts & Statistics

Depression is very serious. It is the main cause for suicide. People are killing themselves by the thousands, because of this dangerous disease. In this article, we will see how depression is increasing alarmingly worldwide. According to figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO) for 2010: Globally, more than 350 million people of all […]

Relationship Insights. Why Most Relationships Fail? Why Cant Most Persons succeed in Their Relationships? Why Many Persons Are Destined to Fail in Their Relationships? 1

  Causes of relationship failure are numerous. After giving consultations and therapy to many persons, I noticed that broken relationships can be traced to the following factors and causes. I also did some research about relationships, and found out that statistics also support these causes. Let us explore these observations, one by one. 1-Lacking Love: […]

Images of the Week

  Hi everybody !! Every week, I will show you some images. Some of these images will be tweeted in My Twitter @coolauramalek. Images of different meanings and connotations. Some images are surreal, some are creative, and some are funny. The intention is to get you both motivated and amused. Have Fun. Relationship Tip: Make […]

Images and Inspiration

    Health: Even a bird loves drinking a fresh, healthy juice.     Relationship: Ebony & Ivory, live side by side.     Hope: I am a chick, and my life is surrounded by flowers. And so can you.     Family: Unlike some humans, penguins know how to raise a happy family.   […]

Images With Some Meanings

  You can get inspiration by seeing images. Combine images with meanings and the effect will be stronger. Have fun!!   Destination: To reach your destination, take one step at a time.    Bad Behavior: Don’t drink something that doesn’t belong to you.     Laugh: I can laugh. I am a bird. Free & […]

Antidepressants And You. Can You Quit Taking Antidepressants?

Depression is increasing rapidly, worldwide. No wonder that consumption and sales of antidepressants are escalating much higher. According to a study by the OCED for 23 developed countries, the top 3 countries in antidepressant consumption for 2010 are: Iceland (106 doses daily per 1,000 people), Australia (89 doses per 1,000 people) & Canada with 86 […]

Global Wealth Shift

It seems money is shifting from the West to the Far East. The highest economic powerhouse is the USA, with a GDP of $17.5 trillion. China is next with $10 trillion GDP. Japan is the third with $4.5 trillion. Many economists estimate that by 2020, China will be the first in GDP size. China’s trade […]


Learning Disability at School. Why Some Students Have Learning Disability?

Many students suffer from learning disabilities. Types of learning disabilities include: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia & auditory and visual processing disorders. Some students try hard to study their curricula, but they find it hard to understand them. According to the National Institutes of Health, fifteen percent of the U.S. population, or one in seven Americans, has […]